Promotional fortune cookies personalised with your own messages. Customised fortune cookies. Fortune cookies for PR campaigns, marketing programmes, corporate events, promotional marketing, exhibitions and direct mail.

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Fortune cookies personalised with your own messages for PR campaigns, marketing programmes, corporate events, promotional marketing, exhibitions & direct mail.

● Fast 2-3 day delivery throughout the UK and rest of the world
● Large range of themed fortune cookie messages or create your own
All the elements for a complete fortune cookies campaign

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Fortune cookies: frequently asked questions

What is a fortune cookie? a sweet cookie which when broken open reveals a slip of paper carrying a message - traditionally your fortune
What is the shelf life of the fortune cookies? 8 months
How quickly can you deliver the fortune cookies? allow 2-4 working days, urgent orders can be turned around quicker
Can you deliver fortune cookies outside the UK? yes - we supply companies all over the world
Can you supply fortune cookies with traditional fortune messages? yes
Do I have to write my own messages? no - you can use some of our existing messages eg. traditional, funny, romantic, inspirational, motivational, Christmas etc
What is the minimum quantity for fortune cookies with my own message inside? only 300 for machine made cookies, just 1 for handmade cookies
How many messages can I have? unlimited number
How long can my message be? allow around 80 - 120 characters including spaces for our standard size message slip or circa 200 characters for our extra large slips
Can you print a logo on the fortune cookie message slip? yes - we can print a colour logo - usually on the reverse of the message slip
Can you print on both sides of the fortune cookie message slip? yes
What if I only need a small quantity of fortune cookies? We can supply handmade fortune cookies. These look identical to our machine produced product.
Can you print the wrappers? we can print a one colour design onto our standard foil colours in the same delivery time as plain wrappers. Designs with 2 or more colours can be printed by the wrapper manufacturer - you will need to allow an additional 2-4 weeks lead time - click here for details of printed wrappers
Can you supply presentation and gift boxes? yes - we have a large range - click here for details
Can you supply mailing boxes? yes - click here for details
Can you mail them direct to my clients? yes

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Fast Delivery

Usual lead time: 2-3 days from order - urgent orders can be turned around faster

Minimum quantity

Minimum quantity for fortune cookies with your own messages is only 300 fortune cookies - basic cost of 80


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