Promotional fortune cookies personalised with your own messages. Customised fortune cookies. Fortune cookies for PR campaigns, marketing programmes, corporate events, promotional marketing, exhibitions and direct mail.

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Fortune cookies personalised with your own messages for PR campaigns, marketing programmes, corporate events, promotional marketing, exhibitions & direct mail.

● Fast 2-3 day delivery throughout the UK and rest of the world
● Large range of themed fortune cookie messages or create your own
All the elements for a complete fortune cookies campaign

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Fortune cookies wrappers

Our fortune cookies are available in a choice of 12 different colour wrappers or we can produce a wrapper to your own specific colour and design.

Standard colour fortune cookie wrappers

Colour of wrappers: Gold, silver, purple, green, blue, red, black, orange, antique pink or brown foil or white and clear


Printed fortune cookie wrappers to your own design - 1 colour print
We can print a one colour design onto one of our standard foil wrapper colours (clear, silver, gold, red, lilac, green, blue, brown, orange, black, pink or white ) in house this is the cheapest and fastest printed wrapper option.

Printed fortune cookie wrappers to your own design - 2+ colour print

For larger quantities and for 2+ colour print the printing is carried out by the wrapper manufacturer. The minimum quantity of wrapper which can be printed by this method is sufficient to wrap 15,000 fortune cookies. We can hold any unused wrapper in stock for you for 12 months to use on any repeat orders.

Branded stickers for fortune cookie wrappers

We can also print miniature stickers and affix these to the wrappers. This is suitable for smaller production runs which require 2+ colour design.

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Fast Delivery

Usual lead time: 2-3 days from order - urgent orders can be turned around faster

Minimum quantity

Minimum quantity for fortune cookies with your own messages is only 300 fortune cookies - basic cost of 80


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