Fortune cookies from UK company personalised with your own messages. Customised fortune cookies. Fortune cookies for PR campaigns, marketing programmes, corporate events, promotional marketing, exhibitions and direct mail.

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Fortune cookies personalised with your own messages for PR campaigns, marketing programmes, corporate events, promotional marketing, exhibitions and direct mail.

● Fast 2-3 day delivery throughout the UK and rest of the world
● Large range of themed fortune cookie messages or create your own
● All the elements for a complete campaign - we can even run it for you

0845 370 7252 

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Fortune cookies personalised with your own messages

Promotional fortune cookies - everything you need for a complete fortune cookie campaign - personalised fortune cookies, wrappers & boxes - we can even handle the complete fulfilment of a mailing campaign for you.

Promotional fortune cookies
Fortune cookies are the ideal way to create impact with your next promotion, direct mail campaign or marketing event. Put your message inside a fortune cookie and you are guaranteed that it will be read - everyone always reads the message inside their fortune cookie!

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We can produce several million cookies or as little as 300 - click here for a quote

promotional fortune cookies for marketing and pr campaigns

With the minimum order of just 300 cookies at 80 you can try out a Fortune Cookie campaign and see how it works for you - lots of our customers come back again and again! Pop your message inside a fortune cookie and send it on it's way! Delivery is just 2-4 days from order.

We can also provide all the ingredients for a complete mailing campaign and handle it all for you. More details ...
Personalised fortune cookie packaging
As well as putting your own words on the message slips inside the fortune cookies we can also print logos or other images and print the foil wrappers - this is one message they won't miss!

customised fortune cookies for marketing events

Fortune cookie presentation boxes
We also supply a range of presentation boxes which can used to create the complete mailing package. These range from individual boxes which can hold just one fortune cookie to our large takeaway style boxes which can hold upto 8 fortune cookies. We can also personalise some of the presentation boxes - click here for details.
Fortune cookie mailing campaigns
We can set up and manage a direct mail campaign with individual fortune cookies sent direct to your targets - and in just a few days!  So if you need to act fast give us a call, send us an email or complete the quotation form and your fortune cookies will be on their way before you know it.

fortune cookies mailing boxes

Fortune cookie company
Click the Cookie specialise in the production of personalised fortune cookies and we have worked with many leading companies including Barclays Bank, Sony, Virgin Holidays, Vodafone, Baileys Irish Cream, Uncle Bens, Britvic, Shell, and BUPA.

fortune cookies for mailing campaigns

We handle orders from several million fortune cookies to as little as a few hundred. With a minimum order quantity of only 300 fortune cookies and a lead time of a few days we can help you react immediately to opportunities as they arise.

Fortune cookies with your own messages are the answer if you are looking for something stylish, innovative, unusual and highly effective for your next event or marketing campaign.

If you don't want to personalise your fortune cookies then you can simply order our traditional Chinese Fortune Cookies.

They are available in boxes of 30, 100 or 300 - order online now for fast delivery here to order.

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For full details and ideas of how fortune cookies can help with sales promotion campaigns, direct mail, PR initiatives, conferences, exhibitions and product launches call us on 0845 370 7252, send us an e-mail or complete the estimate request form.

        Motivational and Inspirational fortune cookies


In addition to fortune cookies with your own messages inside we also have a large range of standard fortunes which you can personalise.

We have now launched two further ranges - fortune cookies with motivational and inspirational messages.

There are over 60 different quotations in each range and these can be personalised with your own messages and / or logos on the reverse of the message slip. They are ideal to support PR campaigns and sales team activities.

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Fortune cookie mailing campaign

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Chinese Fortune Cookies

Chinese Fortune Cookies to order online for fast delivery! Details ...

Fast Delivery

Usual lead time: 2-3 days from order - urgent orders can be turned around faster

Minimum quantity

Minimum quantity for fortune cookies with your own messages is only 300 fortune cookies - basic cost of 80


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