Promotional fortune cookies personalised with your own messages. Customised fortune cookies. Fortune cookies for PR campaigns, marketing programmes, corporate events, promotional marketing, exhibitions and direct mail.

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Fortune cookies personalised with your own messages for PR campaigns, marketing programmes, corporate events, promotional marketing, exhibitions & direct mail.

● Fast 2-3 day delivery throughout the UK and rest of the world
● Large range of themed fortune cookie messages or create your own
All the elements for a complete fortune cookies campaign

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Promotional Fortune Cookies: key information

Click the Cookie specialise in the production of personalised fortune cookies and we have worked with many leading companies including HSBC, Barclays Bank, Sony, Virgin Holidays, Vodafone, Baileys Irish Cream, Uncle Bens, Britvic, Shell, and BUPA.

We handle orders from several million fortune cookies to as little as a few hundred. With a minimum order quantity of only 300 fortune cookies and a lead time of 2-4 days we can help you react immediately to opportunities as they arise.

The basic costs include:

• individually foil wrapped fortune cookies
• up to 5 different personalised messages mixed randomly throughout each carton
• message printed in black on one side of the message slip
• choice of foil wrappers – clear, silver, gold, red, purple, green, blue, brown, orange, black, pink or white
• The message can be upto approximately 100 - 120 characters long including spaces on each side of the slip – spread across a maximum of 3 lines. This is an approximate guide as slightly longer messages can be used but the font size will decrease. Extra large message slips are also available – see below.

Optional extras:

• additional messages – the basic cost includes the first 5 messages – there is a set up charge for extra messages
• printing on reverse of message slip 
• printing logo or other image file
• colour printing
• handmade fortune cookies - for major prizes etc: These look identical to the machine made cookies but are packed separately.
• extra large message slips – which can take around 200 characters per side across 5 lines of text

Themed messages:

We also have various ranges of fortune cookies with different message themes. These can all be personalised.

• Traditional fortunes • Motivational quotes
• Inspirational quotes • Christmas cracker jokes
• Golfing quotes • Friendship quotes
• Children’s jokes • Romantic quotes
• Wedding quotes • Humorous quotes
• Home Sweet Home quotes

Printed wrappers:

We can also print the foil wrappers or print & affix miniature stickers.
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Fortune cookie boxes:

We have a wide range of boxes which can hold anything from a single fortune to a box of 22 fortune cookies.
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Personalised packaging:

We offer two levels of personalisation of the boxes - printed boxes and stickers.
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Complete mailing campaign:
We can produce personalised fortune cookies with your own words inside plus personalised packaging and even look after the whole campaign on your behalf.
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e can accept orders from outside the UK for delivery across the world (excluding the USA)
Shelf life:
Our fortune cookies have a shelf life of 8 months.


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We also sell fortune cookie products with a range of messages including motivational and inspirational messages, traditional fortunes, funny messages, insults, golf, children's jokes, wedding quotations, friendship and romantic.
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Fast Delivery

Usual lead time: 2-3 days from order - urgent orders can be turned around faster

Minimum quantity

Minimum quantity for fortune cookies with your own messages is only 300 fortune cookies - basic cost of £80


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